Collect the Answers Ep.1



☆ Collect the Answers Ep.1 Yes/No - Likes & Dislikes ☆ 'Collect the Answers' is a fun game to play and practise data collection skills. This episode will ask the viewer ten yes/no questions about their likes and dislikes. Record your answer and then at the end, you can compare your data with your friends. First things first, to actively participate in this game, each player will need a copy of the answer sheet linked below. There's two versions available, one with a simple tick box and one with space to write the answer. Once all players have an answer sheet and a pencil, start the video and enjoy playing "Collect the Answers". If you'd like to speed up or slow down the video, simply click the cog in the bottom right of screen and adjust the playback speed to suit your students.

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