Birthday Song



☆ BIRTHDAY SONG ☆ For hundreds of years, there's been one birthday song that we all know and love. People gather around the birthday person and sing AT them in a range of different keys, whilst they stand there, awkwardly, not knowing where to look or what to do. Then we cheer a "hip hip hooray" for them and strangely clap out how many years old they are, believing that our final clap, will in fact 'make them grow'! Well, move over birthday song of old, Pevan & Sarah are in the house with their new birthday dance craze. This song is upbeat and catchy. It encourages everyone to get involved (including the birthday person) and will get everyone up on their feet and dancing. This song celebrates the birthday person in an obvious-it's-your-birthday BUT not-too-loud-or-gonna-make-you-feel-embarassed kind of way. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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